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Coaching creatives

Private coaching sessions for photographers and creatives with CYB personal branding & marketing expert.

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Why is coaching so important?

Whether you're experienced or just starting out as a photographer, producer, make-up artist or any other creative services. CYB coaching program is designed to help you develop your vision, mission and values while creating a workable plan for you to grow your business as a top professional.

What can I expect?

Depending on which package you choose we will design a special program for your need. You can choose from 1, 6 and 12 coaching sessions. Here are a few topics you can expect in our sessions.

Meet your coach

Andrea Porcelli has 20+ years of experience as a creative producer in the photography & audio-visual sector for advertising and has worked in multiple countries, for different brands, clients and creatives. She also studied coaching and counselling and created a specific program designed to help creatives achieve their full potential by sticking to their mission, vision and value.

Identity as a photographer goes beyond just a logo, photo or website. It's about being coherent and loyal to yourself and being able to stay this way in your creativity and in your marketing strategy
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Coaching photographers

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