TAKE ME TO CUBA Havana Photo Production and Location Services

"'Now, that was a production!' clients say, boarding the plane after a shoot. It's always an amazing experience. Take me to Cuba is the longest standing photo production service in Cuba. The latter has been getting a lot of deserved attention lately for the spectacular diplomatic rapprochement between Washington and Havana.

And Havana is still the same, no matter what, and Cuba is much more than Havana. Even though advancing day by day, it still retains the atmosphere of 1940s sepia photographs with high ceiling fans and mahogany rum racks. Its people combine homegrown creativity and fresh forward loveliness with the Salsa beat and vitality of Latin America.

The creative production crew of Take me to Cuba speaks Cuban. With the authorities, for productions the most important thing is to get in, to get the work visa, which in reality is a walk in the park when you know how. Once you are in you move like fish in water. Take me to Cuba's team takes care of that part and of scouting, catering, crew hiring, equipment rental, hotel booking - whatever your flavor is. Send them an email and you get a gorgeous pack of 100 “best of” Cuba impressions."

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