The Alps: Shoot in the Alps

Shoot in The Alps is a film and photo facilitating company operating in the European Alps - France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia - as a single geographic entity.

The team handles everything from location scouting, specialized crews, stunt people, mountain safety experts and helicopters to warm cups of espresso at the top of a glacier.

The strength of Shoot in the Alps lies in detailed knowledge of the alpine territory provided by a network of professionals who live and work in the region throughout the year. The company’s database comprises all you can imagine, and more.

One Alpine region - A glacier in Switzerland may not be as accessible as the one in Austria or the snow in Italy might be softer than in France or all could be just the other way around. Shoot in the Alps will bring you where your production needs to go.

Easy access to both urban and sea locations - Milano is closer to Chamonix than Paris. Como Lake is one hour away from Saint Moritz, and Kraniska Gora is one hour and a half from sandy beaches… and six months a year you can shoot your actor skiing on Day 1 and then swimming in the sea on Day 2.

International crews - Shoot in the Alps works with crews and suppliers from Milano, Geneva, Zurich, Munich, Innsbruck and Ljubliana who provide the best pieces of equipment and the highest form of professionalism.

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