: Frankfurt [Germany]: The Pure

As its name suggests, The Pure is a pristine, minimalist vision in white, with interiors by Oana Rosen.

In a return to the minimalism of the nineties, the white interiors of The Pure will in all likelihood provoke a 'love it or hate it' reaction from Spotlight readers. The former textile factory has been transformed into a 50-room full service hotel.

The lobby is a study of white linear planes - lucid, Italian Thassos marble counters, large lacquered surfaces, mirrors and sheer curtains. The monochromatic colour scheme is relieved by splashes of green vegetation, horn and porcelain ornamentation and, most effectively by a lighting system. The system allows for the variable addition of a warming orange light, recessed behind a wall-long banquette for example, to suit the time of day or to create a mood. The Pure's calming interiors provide a welcome antidote to the energy outside.

What The Pure does, it does well. The form and function of the hotel are both clear and concise. The style is simple and straightforward. It is not trying make a huge statement, just a pleasant place to stay.

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