The Americas: 7 Seas Productions

7 Seas has its roots in Europe but provides a renowned photo production company for South America, thus following the sun around the globe.

The company maintains offices in Buenos Aires and runs a successful photo production company in Argentina and Cartagena, Colombia, producing also in the rest of The Americas on demand. 15 years' experience in the production business makes 7 Seas valuable partners in defining the right location and carrying out the entire production, from planning to wrap up. The team believes that preparation is the key to every successful production and strives for precision and accuracy, backed by a solid location database that is constantly updated.

Resourcefulness is one of the key assets in 7 Seas Productions' work, relying on experienced local partners on site but also on a mind-set that runs like Swiss clockwork when it comes to its international head producers.

The Mediterranean division just finished jobs for Mercedes (Germany), Douglas (perfumes, Germany), NIKON, OPEL (Germany), Husqvarna (Sweden), and H&M (Sweden). Check the website for locations, references and production related descriptions of cities and regions.

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