Cuba is getting better every day. The US embargo on the Island won't last forever, optimistic voices give it one or two more years, and then Cuba is just another Island in the sun.

The professional side is drawing more and more productions to Cuba, photographers and film makers enjoy the working spirit of the formerly socialist model pupils among Latin Americans. “Mañana” doesn´t exist if can be done today. Film and photo equipment rental contributes to the excellent professional standing that Havana has built up over the last 20 years, of which Take me to Cuba has taken part for the last 14.

Quick response times and the best location database in the business are only a few of Take me to Cuba's assets that make customers say "best production ever".

The film production house within Take me to Cuba (working title “El Central”) has just purchased two new cameras for their productions, thus underlining the professional filming ambience that encapsulates the Island: the Black Magic Cinema camera 2.5 K and the RED Scarlet. “El Central” is in charge of all of Red Bull’s video productions in and around Cuba, and even taking them in April to a set in Lima, Peru. Contact “El Central @ Take me to Cuba” to request reels and complete rental lists.

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