Colombian Caribbean: Two Brothers Productions

The Colombian Caribbean has a rich diversity of beach and city locations. Off the shores of Cartagena are a group of 28 beautiful Islands, surrounded by a reef that shelters them from large waves, and complete with wooden huts and villas, boutique hotels and Spas, driftwood and palm tree forests. The city itself looks like Havana, only on a smaller scale; it has preserved the colonial feel, even though outside the old city walls Cartagena boasts a modern downtown with a skyscraper skyline.

All of this, plus the UNESCO World Heritage status, sums-up an ideal backdrop for photo and film productions. Equally, the city can serve as an ideal “colonial” alternative to Cuba and the Dominican Republic, especially for US professionals who are not yet allowed to officially travel to Cuba.

Forget misconceptions about the Colombian Caribbean: Cartagena is posh, not hill-billy, sophisticated rather than rustic. And it's safe: the city is Colombia's window to the world and everybody moves freely and unconcerned.

Two Brothers Productions is the first international production company in northern Colombia. Recent shoots were completed for French Elle and German Schwab. The team is currently working on a US film project featuring Colombian Salsa all-star, Joe Arroyo.

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