Colombia: 7 Seas Productions

The laid-back yet cosmopolitan allure of Cartagena first started gaining attention internationally when John Lennon and Yoko Ono arrived in the 70s. Now, Cartagena is a top contender among Latin American vanguard cities. From a production point of view, it's the dynamic architecture, a fusion of colonial chic that is found in the plazas and the colourful houses that line the streets.

Add to this amazing white-sand beaches with wooden jetties, palm trees and private casas along the coast of Cartagena and on the Rosario Islands and you have a complete production wonderland. It has infrastructure, equipment rental and production specialists on the ground ready to open every colonial home and boutique hotel door in the area.

The 7 Seas team first figured out what made the Colombian Caribbean special more than 12 years ago, when they started producing work here - which wasn´t all that hard given one of the team is a native born Colombian! They saw the magic immediately and knew it would translate on film for clients.

Call 7 Seas for advice or even to organise a recce trip to see first-hand. "The only danger in visiting Cartagena is wishing not to leave!"

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