Copenhagen: Mikkel Bache

"The dark buildings sleeping heavily along with the rest of the bus. I'm the only one awake on the upper level. Monotonous yellow flashlights caress my left cheek. Accompanying the beat of the sensational Black Celebration album.
Making sure I am not falling...
It always happened on the first morning. Before dawn. The huge bus stopping right outside our doorstep. Taking us down through Europe. I packed weeks in advance. Ensuring not to forget swimming trunks and the new Depeche Mode album for my Walkman.
One very warm afternoon my dad gave me a Ricoh 500 viewfinder.
I was in love with a dark and mysterious girl on our campsite at Pelion. She was 14 and out of my reach. Before siesta one day I pointed my Ricoh at her. The new blue swimming trunks with green stars, hanging outside my tent, were crispy and clear. My girl was all blurred."

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