Barcelona: Christian Bernal - D.O.P.

Christian Bernal was born in Barcelona in 1978. He discovered his passion for b/w photography at an early age, which led him to establish his own laboratory and develop his own images.

Christian graduated in Image and Sound and specialised as a Director of Photography, finishing his studies at the New York Film Academy where he had the opportunity to shoot many short films.

Returning to Barcelona, for a number of years he worked in advertising as a camera assistant, combining his role with that of assistant cinematographer on a range of films - several of which won international awards for 'Best Cinematography'.

Joining Hand Film RCR, Christian began working as Director of Photography on advertising campaigns for the likes of La Caixa, Subaru, Dairy, UNICEF and many more. Today, he still shoots advertising and video clips and is founder of the studio Photoshooting Barcelona.

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