CHINA ISSUE 821 Nov 2020

Yok & Sheryo Shanghai - New York illustration

For over 10 years now, the visual art duo Yok and Sheryo have been living a nomadic lifestyle of travel and adventure. What started as a spur of the moment travel adventure to seek out one of the oldest porcelain villages has turned into a tradition of sorts, a new “pet project” every year which involves shipwrecking themselves into remote places of the world seeking out local artisans and cultures to learn from. For both of them, curiosity, adventure and journey is all part of their creative process.  

Constantly yearning for sun, surf, adventure and seeking inspiration from Asian mythology, animism, surfing and skateboarding, their multidisciplinary practice is a continuous conversation between their own physical forms and the locale in which they are working from - often responding to the various cultural, personal, and historical narratives within a particular site.

The result is a signature riotus and irreverent style, with “East meets West” sensibilities. Their paintings act as visual diaries, filled with inside jokes, bad spelling, local and invented lingos and interesting people and situations they get themselves into while being on the road.

They currently call Shanghai and New York home, and have exhibited and painted in various institutions and galleries; National Museum (Singapore), Art Science Museum (Singapore), Gare St.Sauveur (France),  Baandam Museum (Thailand), Moniker Art Fair (London), Coney Island Art Walls (USA), Wynwood Walls (USA) curated by Jeffrey Deitch, “Magic City” (Munich, Dresden and Sweden) curated by Carlo McCormick and has also appeared in various international publications.

Yok & Sheryo are represented by Amanacliq.

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