Spotlight Awards 2021 edition

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Photo: Patrick Curtet


Put your work in front of international expert judges who are managing billions of dollars of marketing budgets

Whether you’re a winner in the competition or not, if a judge likes what you do, you could get hired.

  • Chris Booth Chris Booth Associate Creative Director The LEGO Agency UK
  • Brendan Donnelly Brendan Donnelly Creative Director M&C Saatchi AUSTRALIA
  • Edgar Liñayo Edgar Liñayo D2D Brand Manager Nestlé SPAIN
  • Grant Pearce Grant Pearce Creative Director & Commercial Editorial Director Vogue Man Hong Kong & GQ Australia HONG KONG
  • Robyn Selman Robyn Selman Photo Director Forbes Magazine USA
  • Nicholas Tamarin Nicholas Tamarin Senior Editor Interior Design Magazine USA
  • Ely Tomines Ely Tomines Creative Design Manager Celebrity Cruises, Inc. USA
  • Debbie Totten Debbie Totten VP Creative Dev + Brand Communications Marriott Vacations Worldwide USA
  • Camila Rodrigues de Souza Camila Rodrigues de Souza Senior Creative Art Director Wunderman Thompson BRAZIL
  • Victor Arriazu Martin Victor Arriazu Martin Creative Director VMLY&R SPAIN
  • Agustín de Tena Agustín de Tena Editor Car & Driver / Hearst SPAIN
  • Joseph Siegel Joseph Siegel Sr. Director Creative and Marketing DHL USA
  • Danny Ratcliff Danny Ratcliff Director of Post Production & Motion Graphics Hearst USA
  • Jérémie Atlani Jérémie Atlani Senior Art Director CHANEL FRANCE
  • Katarina Pepichova Katarina Pepichova Creative Producer & Art Buyer Calvin Klein NETHERLANDS
  • Natasscha Girelli Natasscha Girelli Branding & Creative Director Hooligans Magazine DENMARK
  • Christopher Stahl Christopher Stahl Producer, Director, DoP Volkswagen of America USA
  • Stephen Moore Stephen Moore Art Director Sainsbury's UK
  • Jordan Gladman Jordan Gladman Creative Director Juliet Creative CANADA
  • Matt Hubbard Matt Hubbard Creative Director Droga5 UK
  • Alayna Kunitake Alayna Kunitake Art Director Ogilvy AUSTRALIA
  • Florian Severin Florian Severin Creative Director Thomas Sabo GERMANY
  • Cari Spinnler Cari Spinnler Senior Content Producer and Marketing Consultant Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts USA
  • Kristina Wilmar Kristina Wilmar Art Buyer H&M Home SWEDEN
  • Yuri Ezhkov Yuri Ezhkov Creative Director MAC Cosmetics HONG KONG
  • Angela Sumner Angela Sumner Creative Director Elizabeth Arden (Global) USA
  • Fabio Cerdeira Fabio Cerdeira Creative Director Uber BRAZIL
  • Janique Helson Janique Helson Head of Brand Marketing, Content & Creative Services Volvo Cars USA
  • Felix Ettelson Felix Ettelson Senior Art Director Ogilvy AUSTRALIA
  • Marjorieth Sanmartin Marjorieth Sanmartin Executive Creative Director TBWA GERMANY
  • Jesse Young Jesse Young Art Director McCann AUSTRALIA
  • Ernesto Castaldini Ernesto Castaldini Creative Director Wunderman Thompson ARGENTINA
  • Sasha Patkin Sasha Patkin Photo Editor Harvard Business Review USA
  • Lucy Nkosi Lucy Nkosi Art Director Forbes Africa SOUTH AFRICA
  • Ruth Ferrier Ruth Ferrier Freelance Art Buyer Marks and Spencer UK
  • Ryan van Son Ryan van Son Integrated Creative Director Wunderman Thompson SOUTH AFRICA
  • Naoto Ichikawa Naoto Ichikawa Creative Director TBWA HAKUHODO JAPAN
  • Jamie Spence Jamie Spence Creative Producer Vogue UK
  • Krystal Atwater Krystal Atwater Senior Creative Producer Creative Studios Fisher-Price Inc. USA
  • Kevin Lennox Kevin Lennox Freelance Senior Producer Nike USA
  • Tiffany Huang Ou-Yang Tiffany Huang Ou-Yang Head of Design Colgate Palmolive HONG KONG
  • Clara Ho Clara Ho Creative Director Grey HONG KONG
  • Mari Torres Mari Torres Senior Creative McCann Worldgroup GERMANY
  • Annie Henley Annie Henley Art Buyer/Producer VLMY&R USA
  • Abigail Nicolas Abigail Nicolas Photo Editor Sports Illustrated USA
  • Karen Frank Karen Frank Director of Photography ESPN USA
  • Echo Mah Echo Mah Creative Director Tiffany & Co. USA
  • Martín Miguel Martín Miguel Art Director Arandu BOLIVIA
  • Matias Paglieri Matias Paglieri Creative Director Digitas ARGENTINA
  • Elma Karabegovic Elma Karabegovic Associate Creative Director FCB CANADA
  • Nadine Baltes Nadine Baltes Head of Production Havas Düsseldorf GERMANY
  • Rory McKechnie Rory McKechnie Creative Director DDB Group NEW ZEALAND
  • Camilla Ploug Camilla Ploug Creative Director Ogilvy Denmark DENMARK

Commercial categories

Covering all sectors of commercial photography

The competition has 13 advertising categories with a prize pool of over $30,000

  • Fashion
    • Julia Buruleva Julia Buruleva
    • Joanna Kustra Joanna Kustra
    • Dorit Thies Dorit Thies
    • Timothy Saccenti Timothy Saccenti
  • Advertising
    • Henrik Knudsen Henrik Knudsen
    • Johnny Valentine Johnny Valentine
    • Richard Boll Richard Boll
    • Sam Thies Sam Thies
  • Beauty
    • Bruno Juminer Bruno Juminer
    • Elena Paraskeva Elena Paraskeva
    • Julia Kuzmenko Julia Kuzmenko
    • Simon Songhurst, rep. by JSR Simon Songhurst, rep. by JSR
  • Architecture & Interiors
    • Benjamin Norton Benjamin Norton
    • Heroes Agency Heroes Agency
    • David Mitchener David Mitchener
    • Walter Shintani Walter Shintani
  • Cars
    • Paul Barshon Paul Barshon
    • George Colbeanu George Colbeanu
    • Paul Barshon Paul Barshon
    • Alex Howe Alex Howe
  • Corporate & Industrial
    • Abigail Bobo Abigail Bobo
    • Adam Gault Adam Gault
    • Alex Petrenco Alex Petrenco
    • James Braund James Braund
  • Food & Drink
    • Paul Saraceno Paul Saraceno
    • Tal Silverman Tal Silverman
    • Tina Sturzenegger Tina Sturzenegger
    • Kris Kirkham Kris Kirkham
  • Kids
    • Adrianne Miller Roberts Adrianne Miller Roberts
    • Rocco Bizzarri Rocco Bizzarri
    • Isabel Pinto Isabel Pinto
    • David Handley David Handley
  • People & Lifestyle
    • Trevor Adeline Trevor Adeline
    • Adrien Crasnault Adrien Crasnault
    • Michael Krosny Michael Krosny
    • Camille Chaudeurge Camille Chaudeurge
  • Portraiture & Celebrity
    • Hamish Brown Hamish Brown
    • Robert Wilson Robert Wilson
    • Hamish Brown Hamish Brown
    • David Giesbrecht David Giesbrecht
  • Sport
    • Hamish Brown Hamish Brown
    • Matthew Mcquillan Matthew Mcquillan
    • Michael Müller Michael Müller
  • Still Life
    • Jessica Griffiths Jessica Griffiths
    • Dag Dalvang Dag Dalvang
    • Aine Photography Aine Photography
    • Ivan Moshe Ivan Moshe
  • Travel, Documentary & Landscape
    • Jasper Westley Jasper Westley
    • Brian Hodges Brian Hodges
    • Mark Lehn Mark Lehn
    • Jasper James Jasper James
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Story Telling: Shoot for a Cause

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