GERMANY ISSUE 638 Mar 2017

Knackscharf Rent Munich - Hamburg Equipment Rental and Studio

"On 15th March we will be ready to go in Munich! Our successful combination of equipment rental and studio service, well known in Hamburg for many years, will also be on offer down south.

Our new studio HIGHNOON WHITE (formerly known as 'Das White') has been open since the beginning of the year, but now we're ready to start KNACKSCHARF equipment rental from the same building.

KNACKSCHARF staff have been stacking tons of equipment for weeks for the new KNACKSCHARF MUNICH opening. Get ready to enjoy the well known KNACKSCHARF quality across a complete rental portfolio. So everything you liked about KNACKSCHARF, be it innovative equipment, top-notch gear in superb shape from all the big names, or a team that knows their clients’ business by heart can now be found in Munich as well as Hamburg.

We are also happy to announce that our partner TEAMVAN GmbH, well known in Munich for their vans, can now be booked through us as a perfect service add-on for our clients.

No matter how big your production might be, KNACKSCHARF will deliver!"

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