GERMANY ISSUE 788 Feb 2020

Christoph Siegert Hamburg People & Lifestyle Photographers and Directors

The agency modus werbung, Hamburg, commissioned Christoph with the realisation of a photo campaign and two accompanying films for their client W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH (GORE-TEX). Work clothing with arc protection should be presented authentically and in a real work environment. The challenge was to present an ordinary work situation in an extraordinary way. In addition, very similar imagery and looks had to be designed for film and photo motifs to establish a consistent campaign look. In his dual function as photographer and director, Christoph is at home with both types of media and was, therefore, able to implement these tasks for the GORE® PYRAD® clothing in a targeted manner.

Christoph made two atmospheric lifestyle films for his client Witt-Weiden. The umbrella campaign "Fashion that likes me" is developed and managed by the Communicators agency. In the two films, Christoph shows once again that as a director he can motivate his actors, even in a tight period of 20 seconds. The films portray happy, almost high-spirited women who enjoy life, thanks to the well-being fashion from Witt-Weiden. Corresponding to the shoot, Christoph also photographed the campaign image therefore could ensure that the entire campaign had the same aesthetic style.

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