ITALY ISSUE 793 Mar 2020

Amazed By Milan

Welcome to Showcase Italy, brought to you by Production Paradise. This issue features some of the leading creatives and companies working out of Italy.

More creative professionals and facilities for photographic and film production are available in our Rome (Photo / Film) and Milan (Photo / Film) directories.

Brands and publications including Fila, Armani, Shell, H&M, Hendrick's,, Vogue, Givenchy, Nissan, Louis Vuitton, Elle, Porsche, and Max Mara, among others, have trusted these professionals with their latest advertising campaigns and editorial shoots.

Be sure to catch our recommended virtual event:

  • #IoRestoACasa with Luce Cinecittà. Over 70 000 videos and 400 000 photographs in the fields of cinema, arts, history, politics, sports and more are available to view at HD from all devices. You may find Italian and international cinema masterpieces, documentaries on the history of Italian art, backstage footage from Italian movies and much more. 

We invite you to check the initiative, 100 FOTOGRAFI PER BERGAMO, form a group of Italian photographers, who collaborate to raise funds for the intensive care unit of the Pope John XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, the city with the most fatal cases of the epidemic in Italy.

Our cover image was shot by Mert & Marcus and produced by Amazed by.

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