MIAMI ISSUE 725 Nov 2018

Sandy Maranesi Miami styling, hair, makeup

Sandy Maranesi is a professional freelance hair and make-up artist who has worked in the TV and film industry for over 10 years.

Sandy started painting with her mother's make-up at a very young age and quickly discovered a passion for make-up and the beauty it could create. As she got older, she realised how empowering make-up can be - loving the fact that make-up can give a woman a new level of confidence.

Soon after working as a professional, Sandy founded East Coast Makeup Inc., a multimedia hair and make-up company that caters to film, television and print productions. Sandy is now a well-known, established artist.

Her clients include Merrill Lynch, Adidas, Nike, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Rogers NHL Properties and WPT Enterprises.

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