Hans Verleur Amsterdam photographers

For Hans Verleur, the essence of imaging is storytelling and lighting. In his images he likes to create single-frame-stories in which the action extends beyond the frame and the lighting conditions set the mood. Pinpointing his style, it can best be described as cinematographic; the light tells an important part of the story. On top of this, he enjoys the co-creation with creatives and the collaboration with the subjects.

Although his assignments range from portraits to landscapes, Hans considers lifestyle as a core direction in his photography.

He has specialised in customised image banks: client specific series of images which reflect the essence of the company or of a certain product. During such productions his full photographic and production experience come into play: storytelling, improvisation, wide production experience, and dealing with challenges and in depth client relations.

Clients big or small, Hans is always dedicated to maximising the outcome.

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