Magnus Cramer Stockholm photographers

”It’s funny” says Swedish still life photographer Magnus Cramer. ”Sometimes, when I get to the studio there are literally buckets of lip gloss, mascara and foundation waiting for me. You just don’t dab that on. You work it.”

And work it is exactly what Magnus does. He uses huge amounts of cosmetics to create images for his clients. Spread evenly, and lit meticulously, he uses his photographic skills to create small landscapes in order to live up to his clients' high demands and expectations.

”I enjoy the creativity, locking myself up in the studio and setting out to create the perfect image. Still life photography is all about putting objects in situations that make the bystander stop in his or her tracks. Once I blew up bottles of really expensive whiskey to create that. Let’s just say it worked!”

Clients include Apoteket, Douglas, Electrolux, ICA, L.O.V Cosmetics, Olympus, Oprah, Oriflame, Piz Buin, Reebok, Samsung, Swarovski, Volvo and Tush Magazine.

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