SPAIN ISSUE 709 Jul 2018

Delight Rental Services S.L. Andalucia Marbella - Berlin - Stuttgart EQUIPMENT RENT FOR PHOTO & FILM

Delight Rental Services provides maximum support for professional photo and video productions in Marbella, Stuttgart, Berlin, and on-demand worldwide.

"Regardless of whether you‘re a photographer, film-maker, producer, stylist or outfitter, DRS will serve your needs, supplying a huge range of digital, lighting, production and styling equipment."

Here are some examples of continuous light from Delight Rental Services‘ permanently extending portfolio located in Spain:

  • ARRI Skypanel S30-C, S60-C, S120-C and S360-C
  • ARRI M18, M40 and M90
  • Chimera Daylight and Quartz softboxes
  • Carpetlight CL21 and CL42
  • BB&S Flyer

Be sure to ask the team for unique equipment - finding solutions, even with custom built gear, is only one of their specialties!

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