SPAIN ISSUE 831 Feb 2021

Julio Bárcena Barcelona photographers

"I love people and beauty, so, when I discovered photography, I decided to leave my career as a scientist to dedicate myself to fashion and advertising. But, what am I doing here? That was something I had to ask my therapist.

I discovered through family, friends and clients my talent to empathise with people and form my “vision”. It is made up of curiosity, the ability to surprise myself, and the desire to establish a sincere connection.

I use photography as an excuse to meet different and stimulating people and places. Nothing is more interesting than a story and more suggestive than a point of view.

Art and beauty have brought harmony and personal fulfillment, prosperity and the opportunity to enjoy an exciting job every day.

From the beginning, I connected with the soul of people and found in their differences the raw material for my images. What I look for in the people I photograph is their naturalness, essence and desire to live. I cannot be more grateful to life for having this talent."

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