Anna Michell London photographers

The last few months have seen some great output from Anna Michell including a celebrity cover for Khush Magazine; lookbooks for Chester Barrie shot on location in a grand home in Hertfordshire; and Tailor Made London, for which Anna also painted a bespoke canvas background. Other projects ranged from a male beauty shoot with Madre Studio Jewellery, to portraits of celebrity chefs in the splendid interior of Fishmonger’s Hall.

In addition to commissioned work, she is proud to have made a strong portfolio of self-directed projects over the summer. She has a studio in Bermondsey and also shoots on locations from sunny Seville to windy Scotland.

As a person with a light hearted disposition, Anna connects with her subject on a personal level resulting in photos that have an authenticity to them. Her unique style combines a playful and imaginative flair with fine attention to detail, which keeps clients coming back year on year.

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