AWARDS 2021 Sep 2021

New York: Aaron Kotowski

Title: Icarus Redeemed

"How do you photograph a provocative CEO, who is launching his fifth airline endeavour when the flagship aircraft cannot leave the hanger and the forces of nature accost your photoshoot? Not sure I have the correct answer, but this is the photograph I came up with and this is how it happened (slightly enriched):

The wind was ripping through the hanger with a scornful fervour unleashing hell upon my set. No doubt, a punishment by a mercurial celestial force, the natural enemy of a location photographer. My imported hand painted background betrayed its duty and became disgracefully animated. Mocking me with dissent, the key light followed suit in contemptible solidarity. My first assistant was thrust into the set, at my command, to restore order. I am determined to assert dominance over the malevolent saboteur. Failure will entomb me in a prison of shame and professional destruction. The vengeful tempest will be brought to yield.

My subject, CEO David Neeleman, stood firm and looked upon me with quiet confidence as I came to dominate the natural order of destruction. We had an unspoken understanding that I would emerge the new commander of wind and barometric chaos. An alliance with me would be critical if his new airline, Breeze, were to be a success as I now ruled the skies. The shoot would go on. 

A hard fought victory from the hellish assault allowed me to steal this image from the teeth of destruction. 

This assignment was commissioned by Forbes Magazine, last March. I also shot the daily cover for this story and a bunch of other stuff for Forbes."

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