AWARDS 2021 Sep 2021

New Zealand: Sacha Stejko

Title: Under the Bougainvillea Tree

"This image was about capturing the essence of summer. The colours, the light and the cheekiness of the girls as they lie in the grass and play with the bougainvillea flowers. I wanted it to feel like an observed moment, shooting through the flowers gives us a sense of depth and the colours softly frame the girls.

This image was shot in the setting afternoon sun which gives us that beautiful even wash of light across the scene. These two girls are sisters, and I really looked at capturing their playful dynamic on camera. My approach to this image was to set up the scene and then have the girls interact naturally, the frame was crafted but the moment was authentic.

I really enjoy the energy and the spontaneity of this shot, it captures a youthfulness and ease of a moment that feels carefree."

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