AWARDS WINNERS 2019 Nov 2019

Texas: Tadd Myers

Title: Welders working inside a freight train car

"This particular image was inside of a freight car being built in a small town in Texas. The freight car is actually on a rack that rolls the car as the worker's weld the inside. I started by positioning the three workers where I thought we wanted them in order to create a nice composition. Then we proceeded to light the car on the inside. We utilized two Profoto D-1 lights as well as two existing work lights that the facility uses for their workers.

Since we have a lot of experience working with welders like this, we did several things to reduce the brightness of the welding wands.  Usually, at full intensity weld settings, the welders would be completely blown out, but we have learned over the years a variety of ways to reduce this intensity and therefore reduce the contrast of the image into a manageable dynamic range. Reducing the dynamic range is imperative in order to create an image that is well balanced in exposure."

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