Barcelona - Berlin: Anatol Gottfried

Emphasising on its dynamics, Anatol is mastering the automotive world while enhancing it with his unique and refined style.

Colour, composition and precise control of light are a must in all Anatol's works. Besides that everything he tells never aims to miss a strong human component, "I never forget how important it is to talk about emotions and to draw them sparkling and sincere. The big challenge lies in the small details that together in the big picture tell original stories but always within human reach."

His latest projects are perfectly balancing lifestyle and automotive.

"Each time on set I feel so fortunate. Just loving the variety, diving into worlds I never have imagined to visit. So grateful being surrounded by amazing, creative people and together always trying to push the limits a little further."

Driven by passion, Anatol is always hungry for new adventures, right now he is available in Barcelona and throughout Spain, ready to rock your production!

Among his clients you will find Audi, Cupra, Mercedes-Benz, Seat and Volvo. For more work please check his website and follow him on Instagram.

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