Chicago: Joe Pellegrini

Joe Pellegrini is a food and still life photographer with the curious soul of a true artist. His versatility, wit and talent shines in his photographs, and his large-scale paintings have kept him connected to Chicago's art and photography community for over 20 years.

Whether he's shooting a national ad, book or a packaging assignment, Joe's discerning eye for detail and his diverse lighting techniques make him a trusted and respected industry veteran.

Joe's creative edge is his signature. Clients know they can depend on his make-it-work-attitude to give every job his all; whether it's crafting the perfect ice cube, hand-sculpting a prop from clay, helping build a set, or rigging a floating sandwich. Yes ... a floating sandwich!

Global clients include Subway, Coca-Cola, Kraft, McDonald's and Kellogg’s, among many others. He is happy to collaborate with others and when he's not in his studio shooting photographs or spending time with his family, he is most likely to be found near a wall-sized canvas, with a paintbrush in his hand.

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