London: Phil Sills

"As a specialist London-based advertising photographer, my passion is in creating professional, inspired and luxurious photography. From a close-up shot of amber whisky as it swirls in the glass, or the graphic lines of a speaker, to the sumptuous delights of a metallic tweeter grille in a car interior. Whatever the subject, I look for that different angle to capture creative images. Eye-catching, energized images that sell the product for you.

Based from my London studio, I am equally at home creating my work under the studio lights or going on location. My advertising specialism focuses on liquid and drink photography, as well as high end luxury audio technology photography. I have a lively hyper-real photographic style that brings your products to life, whether the image is conceptual or a perfect product pack shot.

Recent clients are Bacardi, Bowers and Wilkins and BMW.

Get in touch."

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