Austria: Mona Lorenz

Mona Lorenz is an Austrian photographer, running her studio in the lap of mountains, lakes and rivers. Mainly focusing on food, stills and lifestyle, she draws her spirit of creativity from the natural yet deep and soulful pictures which surround herself every day.

Absorbing the vibrations and situations she finds herself in and transforming them into sources of inspiration, Mona puts a high degree of authenticity into every piece of work which results in expressive images that transport a lot of feeling. That’s what recent clients like Resch&Frisch, Unimarkt, Bachhalm and Wiberg as well as several advertising agencies, book publishers particularly appreciate in the working relationship. 

Her ever evolving and extensive requisites stock stands out by its variety and curiosity. Unique pieces from all around the world make a significant contribution to the photo shoots and refer to Mona’s passion for travel and nostalgia.

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