Berlin: Meike Bergmann

Light, colors and compositions, these are Meike Bergamnn's tools. In her studio in the heart of Berlin her center of attention is food. She focuses on the unique beauty of food, be it a complicated dish from Far East, the simplicity of a popsicle, or a perfectly imperfectly overflowing hotdog.

Food photographer with passion. Her visual language was enriched by a life that took her from a village in northern Germany to the desert of West Texas. The food, the colors and the light at the Mexican border inspired her to her first outbursts into the world of art.

The next relocation to Southern California filled the palette with further experiences and impressions that gives her photos a unique signature up until now. Meike Bergmann studied photography in Los Angeles. A coincidence finally led her to a table with grandiose food prepared by a star chef and discovered her passion for food photography.

She works and lives with her family in Kreuzberg and worked for customers such as ADAC, Aldi Süd and Dorling Kindersley Verlag. Whether book publisher, magazine or advertising agency,

Meike Bergmann can be booked in the food sector via her agent KME studios from Berlin.

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