Chicago: Stephen Hamilton

Just imagine. It’s a shoot day in director and photographer Stephen Hamilton’s 11,000 sq ft studio. While the team is focused on the visual production, an amazing aroma is swirling in the air. Today’s shoot is for bacon. There aren’t many people who can resist the shiny, salty, hammy strip with its umami flavor.

For many, this aroma triggers delicious food memories. This only helps Stephen in his philosophy of capturing real life moments on a plate for chef Justin Brunson of Brunson Meat Co. in Colorado.

Stephen gets close to an ultimate BLT sandwich – tempting you to take a bite. Classic bacon and eggs are made personal with green tomatoes; bacon is paired with peaches and basil for a salad of surprising flavors and grilled shrimp are tucked in a blanket of glistening bacon. This wouldn’t happen without careful planning, lighting and a very talented crew that makes the magic happen.

People can imagine just how a dish will taste. And smell.

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