Hamburg: producteye - Boris Mosner

Boris Mosner's work may be powered by technology, but it always captures the magic of the real world.

Boris has been working as a director and DOP on numerous innovative and award-winning commercials since the 1980s, and is a member of the ADC art directors club. His aim is to provide a complete artistic solution by working with clients to interpret, develop and enhance creative ideas before carrying out a complete production process.

He is a master of liquid, food, technical, slow motion and special effects. Using his 30 years’ experience, he and his team will design and test every shot using state-of-the-art equipment to realise clients' creative vision.

Download compressed clips from for a clearer view of his work, where you can also see a detailed breakdown of the services offered as well as a comprehensive look at the equipment he uses.

Whatever the requirements to realise your table-top project, whether at producteye studio, at home or abroad, don’t hesitate to contact Boris to receive his full support and profit from his experience, expertise and creativity. His quality standards also apply to service, technical expertise and advice.

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