Helsinki: Justus Järnefelt

Aiming to become a painter, Justus Järnefelt instead found photography at a liberal arts school. Having discovered his true calling, he went on to study graphic design and photography in the USA.

Many years and thousands of assignments later, Justus landed a great job at a photography studio in Helsinki, where he is now senior partner. “I believe in the aesthetics and authenticity of nature. I am fascinated by the harmonious beauty of the ubiquitous shades of grey that surround us daily. When I focus and find those key moments that enrich our lives, I am able to unearth divergences in this grey."

A true professional, Justus appreciates the importance of a good team and always strives to deliver the best possible customer experience for the client. Keeping up-to-date with his profressional development, he recently earned a Bachelors degree in 3D modelling and visualisation.

Justus has worked with most of Finnish advertising agencies and a vast array of international high profile clients including Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Pepsi, Sony, Puma, Glaxo-SmithKline, Finnair, Scandinavian Air, Pfizer, Abbot and the Finnish Defence Forces and Ministry of Communications. He excels in fashion photography for L-Fashion Group brands and Stockmann catalogues, and has a soft spot for all things art, shooting for the National Theatre and a number of production companies in motion pictures.

Justus is a true cosmopolitan having shot on numerous locations around the globe, and always enjoys learning to know new cultures and people.

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