Frankfurt: Per Schorn

"Somebody said that I am a dreamer, I never knew why, but now I see." This quote comes from the new album Horizons / East by Thrice, an album that Per listened to while he was working on his series "From the sketch".

Per teamed up with the wonderful Illustrator Jane Kühn to realise this series he had dreamed of for a long time. This series shows a totally different understanding of "fashion photography". 

Another dream came true when Per had the opportunity to portray Titus Dittmann, the founder of Titus Skateboards and Skate Aid.

"It felt great to meet a teenage role model and beside taking photos, speaking about skateboarding and all those fun memories."

As we are speaking about dreams, Per can really say that he is living a dream, realising the ongoing series "Imagination" with his fiancé Nele E. A. Ebner.

Furthermore, the German band NUKX, well known to Per since his teenage days, came up with the idea of conceiving a music video for their new song 'Anders sehen'. As the band wanted to give Per complete creative freedom, he started to write the script, inspired by the sound and lyrics of the song, as well as the still present corona situation. Watching the video you will understand the context.

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