San Francisco - Mexico: Steve Peixotto

Steve Peixotto is an award-winning American photographer who splits his time between San Francisco, California and Mexico. He speaks both Spanish and English and has been shooting all over the world for advertising clients since 1998.

Steve is known for his versatility and attention to detail, as well as for his difficult to sound out last name. He loves collaborating with other creatives and helping them make their concepts come to life.

Steve has been called everything from Peeshooter to Pistachio. It sounds more like pay-show-toe.

"Guess which two are lies:

Steve has a special love for exotic foods, especially for anything originating in the sea. Steve and three of his ski buddies survived an avalanche in 2015. Emulating Ozzy Osbourne, Steve once bit the head off of a salamander. Steve started a craft brewery in Mexico. Steve’s first assistant once made a joke to the lady at the check in counter at an airport about a bomb.

Drop a note with your guess."

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