Vancouver: Alex Waber

Alex Waber is passionate about the outdoors, spending most of his time off exploring the mountains and oceans around Vancouver. Supporting responsible initiatives and outdoor adventures is one of the many highlights of Waber’s career as a fashion and lifestyle photographer.

Over the past three years, Waber has been closely involved in documenting Arc’teryx’s used gear programs, shooting mixture of documentary and staged lifestyle photography in studios, factories, stores and mountainsides. This is Arc’teryx’s process of receiving used and damaged products from customers, assessing, repairing and repurposing, and finally bringing them back out in to the world.

From the first shoot, Waber worked closely with the Arcteryx in house team to shape an aesthetic approach to the series through sticking to a specific set of lenses and lighting styles while keeping in mind a variety of image placements, like Instagram ads, magazine articles, press releases and “how-to" sections on websites.

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