Hamburg - Dusseldorf: [zerone] /cgi

Latest projects from [zerone] /cgi include Emir Haveric, on behalf of Jung von Matt, who shot the new Mercedes-Benz GLA as well as the S-Class. Also directed by Jung von Matt, Holger Wild has been staging the new Mercedes-Benz E Class convertible. Aside from creating the stunning look, [zerone]'s challenge was to render parts of the vehicles in CGI and seamlessly combine them with the photography.

A scent of Hollywood was in the air when [zerone] contributed to personal work for Markus Wendler and Robert Eikelpoth. Markus got his hands and camera on a DMC Delorean, one of the "main actors" from the blockbuster 'Back to the Future', and raced through an old mining facility in California which was part of the film set for the movie 'Terminator 3'. The great landscape of Death Valley has been the stage for Markus' portfolio image of the BMW X6.

For Robert [zerone] continued the series 'Terracotta Warriors' - a sophisticated homage to 'Raiders of the lost Ark'. The background was full CGI, only the actors were photographed. As it is written in most closing credits: To be continued... Robert is currently working on his personal series "people and their cars". [zerone] was responsibly for the final look and the first images are featured in this Spotlight.

In collaboration with photographer Dieter Eikelpoth, agency Schoepfung [zerone] created three classy images for Vitrapoint Düsseldorf.

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