: Hamburg, Berlin: bigshrimp fotoproduktion

bigshrimp provides full production solutions for all types of photo shoot. No production is too big or too small. The company aims to turn new clients into life-long partners.

bigshrimp services are operated out of Hamburg and Berlin and include:

  • Full photo production services.
  • Blocking services department (incl. signposting) and permit coordination.
  • Location service and management (including a large in-house location database with nearly 1,400 locations across northern Germany, primarily Berlin and Hamburg).
  • Photo and video casting (with casting studios in Hamburg and Berlin).
  • Model booking (large internal talent pool including over 1,500 talents of all ages and types, such as people, faces, pro's, seniors, kids, principals and extras).
  • Rental studio in Berlin (including full studio production equipment).

For free talent casting and location examples, visit bigshrimp's homepage or call 24/7 for detailed information.

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