South Africa: Steel Productions

Cape Town summer production is in full swing right now and continues all the way through to April. Cape Town offers an unmatched diversity of spectacular locations, outstanding crew and excellent production infrastructure in a magnificent setting where the sun shines throughout the northern hemisphere winter.

The Steel team are thrilled to offer the best of this unique destination to clients from all over the world.

"Steel productions are like family to me. Rock steady, great company and flawless in their professional application. Whenever I have made requests, regardless of how outrageous, there is always a professional squad ready to make things happen" Tom Craig, photographer.

Recent collaborations they have enjoyed working on in South Africa:

  • Toast shot by Jo Metson Scott.
  • Fjällraven shoot by Charlotte Lindet.
  • WhatsApp shot by Emily Scarlett Romain, DOP Josh Rowe.
  • Ann Summers shot by Kate Macleod and Ben Watts, DOP Hugo Pettit.
  • H&M Home shot by Anders Schønnemann, Erik Lefvander and Elsa Young.
  • Accessorize shot by Sven Kristian and Aart Verrips, executive production by Fuse Productions.
  • H&M Summer shot by Lachlan Bailey, DOP Jeremy Valender, executive production Bellhouse Markes.
  • Someday shot by Nadia von Scotti, DOP Dylan Boerstra.
  • H&M Move shot by Frida Marklund, DOP Adam Falk.

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