London: JSR

JSR is one of the world's most successful creative agencies, managing over 50 photographers, illustrators and content makers, finding creative solutions for the world's biggest brands and agencies.

This Spotlight will take you to several places, including Rome, 1963, where Peroni was born, the latest campaign by digital creative studio Fifth Wall VFX. New online campaign featuring power tools as part of their 'Choice of Champions' campaign for Screwfix. Stunning still life work by John Bennett. And Hamish shot CarStore's first major advertising campaign since a major re-brand at the end of 2021 called 'Car Buying That Revolves Around You'.

Carioca Studio is a well-known image concept house highly acclaimed for their work, specialising in advertising imagery. Plus PEROU joined an aid convoy by World Extreme Medicine and Medics4Ukraine delivering lifesaving aid to Ukraine. PEROU jumped at the chance after becoming increasingly outraged by the news of the Russian invasion and relishing the opportunity to do something more than he was.

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