Hamburg: Margaretha Olschewski

Margo is a unique combination of deep emotions, sensibility, spontaneity and authenticity. Her passion is finding that one in a million shot. She treats every shoot like her very first one, but does so with decades of experience. In her own words, this is the essence of her art:

“I channel my emotions into my work - I live whatever I capture through my lens. I chase authenticity, in myself, in my clients and in every picture I take”.

Margo knows that the key to a successful shoot is mutual trust, especially when she is photographing personalities.

“Every shoot begins with an opening up to each other. The question is: how do I pierce the surface we all see, to access what is underneath, while ensuring that my subject knows they are safe at the end of my camera lens - that’s the most difficult part of every shoot and the most rewarding, that’s where you find gold”.

“The first 10 to 20 seconds is where the connection forms, intuitively. But that only happens when both sides open up to each other. That’s why vulnerability isn’t one-sided and I don’t expect it to be: I open myself up to my clients, too. That’s where the magic begins”.

Visit her just relaunched new website.

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