Milan: Cinenane Group

A bunch of passionate and skilled qualified chaps created Aerial Film Club in 2014 to offer tailored solutions and supporting services for any need in aerial and stabilised filming of any kind.

The Club not only offers aerial filming, contacts with helicopter companies, permits but anything that might be necessary and useful. It is also specialised in cinematography, direction, production and co-production of original projects involving aerial filming.

Aerial Film Club owns a Shotovers F1, the must-have today in aerials.

Supporting partners include:

  • Elikos - aerial filming gurus,
  • Pilots: Gabriel & Markus Kostner,
  • Aerial Perspectives - operating in Europe and all over the world, China included,
  • Aerial Cinematographer: Irmin Kerck,
  • Franco Maria Salamon - stuntman, and his company Seals, when stunt coordination is needed,
  • Piumaworld - designers of CityCam. They just announced their agency agreement with Hildemann and partners for the sale of Shotover U1G1 system in Italy.

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