Copenhagen: YakYak Production Service

YAKYAK Production Service is a competent and contemporary service production company based in Copenhagen.

"We are pleasant, highly professional, and offer full production services in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Faroe Island and Greenland.

Scandinavia is a striking and diverse location to shoot. We have whatever you are looking for, whether it’s funky architecture, picturesque old cities, icy mountains or stunning coastlines.

Our passion is to bring great concepts to life on screen with a well-orchestrated production that strengthens the creative ideas and engages audiences.

We have decades of experience in providing production service for outstanding commercials, movies, corporate films, tv series, fashion shoots and social media content. We will run your project in a smooth and professional manner from brief to final delivery because our production teams and technical crews are highly experienced and close-knit. We also incorporate trusted Scandinavian work ethics and standards into every project."

YAKYAK's range of services: Non-binding advising, budgeting and contracts, insurances and permitting, buy out break downs, casting, scouting, logistics, travel & accommodation, full production and post production.

Most recent productions: Netflix TV series Money Heist part 5, Microsoft commercial for Vancouver Media, Audi still shoot for Tool of North America, Samsung commercial for Sondapro with Keystone, Netflix TV movie with Mavx Productions, Carlsberg commercial with Bacon Film.

See more references of  YakYak Production Service's work here.

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