Los Angeles: Eric Politzer

Eric Politzer is a Los Angeles-based photographer specialising in sports and wellness, dance, music, and corporate. In the last couple of months, his work has been recognised as a Category winner at the Siena Photo Awards, Shortlist at the Paris Photo Awards, and Shortlist at the Spotlight Awards.

Eric is a portraitist at heart, and his approach to shooting sports, fitness, and wellness is founded on a deep respect for all of his subjects. Every image is intended to express as much as possible about the subject: their personality, emotions and goals. Every photo starts with the subject, and then environment, lighting and composition are used as narrative devices to help tell their story.

Eric’s passion for storytelling ranges from individual photos to documentary projects. His most involved sports project was The Legends of Cuban Baseball, a three years effort to celebrate the most idolised living Cuban baseball players, who never left the country to seek fame and fortune in the Major Leagues. He was granted unparalleled access for a foreign photographer to training facilities, stadiums, players and coaches all across Cuba.

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