GERMANY ISSUE 679 Dec 2017

Bright Parameters Dusseldorf Photo Post Production, CGI and Animation

"Two projects that put our creative-technical aspiration and our diversity of services to the test: MTU 'Faces of danger' and Renesas 'Big Ideas'.

  • MTU 'Faces of danger' - For a worldwide campaign for MTU diesel engines, the robustness and performance of the engines was to be impressively expressed. We used almost all relevant techniques and disciplines from CGI, animation and compositing. Producing complex virtual landscapes, snow scenes, simulated particles and liquids, we created different faces of danger in a technically demanding process to show how the machinery must always provide maximum performance to defy the dangers of everyday work.
  • Renesas 'Big Ideas' - 14 motifs and 14 videos/animations in 14 days. Big ideas like self-driving cars or the smartly controlled home are implemented in the smallest of spaces. On semiconductors, to be exact. Renesas Electronics is one of the world's largest manufacturers of semiconductors. Together with the team at RTS Rieger we implemented a B2B campaign for semiconductor technology. A campaign with many themes, moving images and animations, but little time."

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