Miles Willis London Food & Drink Photographers and Directors

Miles’ work is centered on people-based stories from the food and drinks industry. He has a particular interest in the environment, sustainability, the moral and ethical issues of food and drink production and our attitude to and relationship with what we consume. 

Over the last year Miles has been working with Distilled Magazine, a Canadian based print magazine that explores the craft and culture of fine spirits, to produce images to accompany articles focusing on whiskey production in the UK. The extended commissions required Miles to embed himself in the process, living the life of those that work at the distilleries, to truly understand and best represent the craft. 

Picked out for his natural and unobtrusive style, Miles’ images of the enigmatic process of turning barley grain into whiskey have truly brought to life the love, dedication and skill of those involved in this ancient practice.

To view Miles’ latest work, including other in-depth stories of trawler fishing in Brixham, Devon; wine production in Georgia and Armenia and organic farming in London, head over to his website.

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