North-East Germany: Alexander Rudolph - DOMUSimages

Alexander Rudolph is located in the northeastern part of Germany - right in between Stralsund and Greifswald and close driving distance to Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen and many cities in Poland.

In addition to architecture and interiors, Alexander mainly photographs corporate and industrial motifs. 

He loves to work where there is sawing, hammering and, above all, welding. For him, producing impressive welding motifs is one of the greatest challenges in industrial photography. To illuminate the glistening bright welding arc and the surroundings in a balanced way and to bring the play of colours of different welding processes to light gives him the greatest satisfaction.

For him, highly specialised industrial workers in their dexterity and precision are on a par with surgeons whom he photographs in his healthcare motifs. Neither profession is allowed to deviate from their tolerance. Both are heroes of everyday life, whom he likes to stage in exactly this way.

What he loves about corporate photography is the balance between being a photographer and psychologist. Hardly any of his protagonists initially stand in front of the camera of their own accord. By giving his "models" the confidence to portray them impressively and giving them the feeling that, as the face of their company, they represent the bridge to potential customers, he achieves an intimate and authentic insight into the inner workings of his customers.

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