Amsterdam: Johan Visschedijk

"'Don’t drive and drink!' is what we always say, but are there moments when you need to?

I like to shoot cars and food, but people say that this is actually not really possible. Well judge for yourself if you like the shots you see. The fun factor in my work as a photographer is the biggest drive for me, and you can't do it all by yourself. That’s why having good people around you is so important. Having a good time with your team is even more fun.

Working for brands like Grolsch, Renault, Bacardi and KIA gives you a certain status, but working for less known brands can sometimes give you more enjoyment than any job you've ever dreamed of.

I do all my still photography in my small cosy studio in Amsterdam and for the bigger sets I rent a studio with everything we need and in the city we want to shoot."

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