Los Angeles: Brian Konoske Photography

Brian Konoske, born and raised in Southern California, is now living in the Eastern Sierra and Southern Utah. His love of the outdoors has informed the authentic feel of his photography, and his dedication to creating real moments that are never overly manufactured is a hallmark of his pictures.

Brian looks to the natural world for everything he creates, and his imagery is global world-view shaped by travelling the world from a very young age. From cars to candid human moments to a peaceful landscape, Brian's ability to see beauty in real moments and in real time is a source of constant inspiration for crafting a look of distinction.

In addition to focusing on capturing a moment, he enjoys creating a fun vibe on set so people feel free to enjoy themselves; thus making the work feel warm, approachable, and fresh. 

Besides photography, Brian is passionate about woodworking, great design, architecture, travel and spending time with good friends and family. He loves great food, animals and is always on the lookout for the perfect piece of furniture. 

His client list includes US Postal Service, Toyota, Acura, Subaru, Chevrolet, Honda, Renault, Chrysler, VW, Vans, California Avocado Commission, K2 Sports, Salomon, Imperial Barber Products, OnStar, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and RESQ CO.

He's always game to catch a great sunrise in Helsinki or go road tripping around Argentina, and is never without a camera to capture his adventures in work / life.

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