The Americas: 7 Seas Productions

7 Seas has a special presence in Latin America built up over the last 20 years. The company covers three different regions and climates, all rich in diversity and tailor-made for fashion, advertising film and photo shoots.

In Cuba, enjoy the colonial splendor and the grandeur of Havana with clear blue beaches just 30 minutes away. The US embargo will come down soon so it will be accessible for all of 7 Seas clients north of the Rio Grande.  

Meanwhile, 7 Seas Productions has developed the Colombian Caribbean with UNESCO's world heritage city Cartagena at its centre. Northern Colombia is very safe and 7 Seas is the first real photo and film production services company to exploit the beauty of these latitudes. Cartagena is a colonial city on a smaller scale than Havana and has some of the most beautiful beaches in Latin America on the surrounding Coral Islands of Rosario.

Buenos Aires is a vibrant city with the feel of Berlin and Paris, with unique backdrops and a favorable Dollar / Peso exchange rate. The Patagonian Cordilleras offer skiing and snow during the European 'northern Summer' (June to October), meaning that what can be done in the Alps can also be done here.

Visit the 7 Seas website for more details on every country's peculiarities, including customs clearance and shoot permits, as well as an open location database for image references.

Recent productions include Coca-Cola (USA), bonprix (OTTO group) and Conleys (both Germany), Promod (France), Synsam (Norway) and J.Crew (USA).

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