The Americas: 7 Seas Productions

7 Seas is a German venture with regional offices across the Spanish-speaking Americas. Its production expertise ranges from Cuba, developed for productions under the working title of "Take me to Cuba", to Colombia - the new rising star - and Argentina, the heart and soul of the company. Every country has its own rules regarding temporary admission of collection and photo equipment, and in 15 years of productions 7 Seas has not lost a single team in customs!

Together with a reliable location database, 7 Seas is equipped for every budget and size of shoot, be it advertising or editorial. Head producer Chris Bengsch is at the helm of the mixed local/European team: his service credo is "Honesty, responsibility,  resourcefulness. Go the extra mile!"

The recently re-launched website offers an organised structure of relevant locations that are extremely helpful in the planning phase of a shoot.

Recent productions include Betty Barclay (Germany), Pal Zileri (Italy), Mercedes Benz  Trucks and C-Class (Stuttgart), GQ (UK), Elle France in Colombia, Cellbes (Sweden), LOOK Mag (UK), and Eddie Bauer (USA) in Argentina.

During summertime in the Northern Hemisphere 7 Seas produces on the Côte d'Azur.

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